Fast800 Programme

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Congratulations on taking a step towards losing weight, staying healthy and living longer.

  • 12 weeks of meal plans (that you can tailor) and printable shopping lists
  • The ability to switch between The Very Fast 800, The New 5:2 and the Way of Life diet plans
  • Exercise plans, incorporating HIIT and resistance training, for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • A tracker to measure weight loss, activity and blood sugars
  • 250+ recipes (with more delicious recipes being added on a regular basis)
  • Mindfulness meditations
  • Core learning content, plus access to exclusive articles
  • Support tools for liaising with your usual treating doctor
  • Most importantly, access to a community forum so you can chat with your fellow members and/or ask our online health professionals for support.

The online programme starts immediately after joining (following an orientation period) and teaches you the benefits of a low carb Mediterranean-style diet (so it becomes a way of eating for life).

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